January 1, 0001

I try to keep the FAQs concerning The LambdaStack Project and other projects updated so keep checking.

1. What is the best way of reaching you?

LinkedIn. You can send me InMail request by clicking here.

2. Are all projects built in Rust?

For the most part, yes. However, there are a few projects that used as part of some projects that are written in C. We also use Chef and Ansible in part of Cepheus and they are written in Ruby and Python respectfully. See why Rust here.

3. Are all projects Open Source?


4. Can you help setup Ceph Clusters?

Maybe. It would have to follow the guidelines I have created with Ceph-Chef.

5. Can you do training for Ceph or AWS Storage?

Maybe. It depends on specifics.

6. Can you help us set up a Microservices Architecture?

Maybe, depending on scope of work.

7. Do you offer any webinars and online training?

Coming soon!!

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