SLA - Availability or Durability

SLA - Availability or Durability I seem to be getting more questions lately like, “how many 9s is your object store?” or “how do you calculate 9s?”. The questions need to be narrowed down since those are very broad. For example, when dealing with storage like an object store, there are two types of “9s”. One for durability and one for availability. If you look at AWS S3, they put on their primary site 11 9s of durability which is very good.

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Klaus - Hybrid WebStack

There are very good Web Servers on the market, Apache and NGINX to name a few. However, to interface your backend code you need to use Apache modules or WSGI/FastCGI with NGINX (depending on your language of choice). To actually use a fully integrated environment you need to use something like Django or Tornado for Python. For GO there is a small built-in web server that allows you to build up a more robust environment around it.

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