Hugo vs WordPress

Hugo vs WordPress We all know that WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS). For years, people have been using WordPress to help them manage their content and for the most part it works - sort of. WordPress is a very old tech code base. It’s written in PHP (who uses that anymore?) using Apache/NGINX and it uses MySQL as it SQL backend. None of those are bad on their own (except PHP) but the way that WordPress is organized and Architected makes it very prone to scalability issues and it’s an anti-pattern of Microservices.

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Load Balancers

Load Balancers - HAProxy vs Other Load Balancers are very import tools for scalability, depending on the protocol. For HTTP(S), load balancers are a must unless you’re good with having only one web server exposed. Recently, I was asked to do performance tests of our HAProxy servers that front our Ceph RGW (S3) nodes and do the same for a very popular hardware load balancer. The name of the hardware load balancer vendors will not be released to protect the innocent - ME :)

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