About The LambdaStack Project

September 5, 2016

The LambdaStack Project

Working projects of Chris Jones:



https://github.com/lambdastackio - Macroservices project that holds all of my Microservices projects

https://github.com/lambdastackio/aws-sdk-rust - Crates.io - AWS S3 SDK for Rust

https://github.com/lambdastackio/s3lsio - S3 Utility for AWS S3, Ceph and others

https://github.com/klaus-rs - True Hybrid futures, async I/O WebStack

https://github.com/lambdastackio/tokio-http2 - HTTP/2 async I/O futures based library

https://github.com/ceph/ceph-chef - In Chef Supermarket

https://github.com/ceph/ceph-rust - Ceph’s Offical Rust SDK for Librados

https://github.com/bloomberg/chef-bcs - Fully automated Ceph Cluster deployment - Bloomberg

https://github.com/bloomberg/chef-bcpc - OpenStack for Bloomberg


https://youtu.be/ZHyIJ1UA5R8?t=13m48s - Ceph Day in NYC

https://youtu.be/gW084yAvoK0 - OpenStack Austin talk

Github Open Source Contribution Graph (as of Feb 2017):

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Ceph-NYC - New York City Ceph Meetup Organizer


chris.jones at lambdastack.io

The LambdaStack Project is a collection of Microservices projects I primarily built in Rust for speed and safety. However, there are several other non-rust based projects that I have also included centered around automating and managing Ceph at work.


  1. aws-sdk-rust - AWS S3 SDK for Rust. It’s a very fast multi-threaded SDK to access AWS S3
  2. s3lsio - S3LSIO is an AWS S3 CLI that is simple, fast and safe that can return data in JSON or be used in a script
  3. klaus - Klaus is a true Hybrid WebStack. Meaning, it has S3, rate limiting and Redis integration built-in which allows it to be used as a multi-threaded async I/O futures based web server, an API server and an Agent Server. It’s very flexible. It also has no dependencies so it works very well with Docker
  4. ceph-rust - Ceph Librados and Admin Socket interface to Ceph in Rust. It’s the Official Ceph interface for Rust
  5. tokio-http2 - HTTP/2 futures based Rust library that is the heart of Klaus
  6. cepheus - Cepheus is the Ceph and AWS Storage management platform. Klaus, aws-sdk-rust, ceph-rust and s3lsio are the heart of Cepheus
  7. ceph-chef - The Official Chef Cookbook for Ceph where I maintain it at the Ceph Github repo
  8. chef-bcs - The Official Chef repo for the Bloomberg Cloud Storage system that I created

NB: All comments and views are my own and not my employer’s.

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